RM Istanbul acts with the principles of social responsibility in all its activities based on the core values of “respect for human, contribution to the environment” which it adopted since its foundation.

We realize projects that contribute to social development in different fields in accordance with social indicators as well as shaping our operations with the principle of being an open and transparent institution in line with our corporate governance principles in the light of the Corporate Social Responsibility policy we adopted at RM Istanbul.

Within the framework of our responsibilities, we support projects aiming to raise social awareness especially in the fields of sports and environment.
We see awareness in our business operations as the starting point of our social responsibility policy. However, we do not limit our sense of responsibility only to our line of business, and we carefully determine our priorities in this area based on social and environmental factors.

Core Principles

We are aware of our responsibility towards the society. Accuracy and reliability are our core principles in community relations in every area we operate.

We manage environmental impacts that may arise from all our operations with a sense of responsibility. All of our companies are responsible for determining and implementing all kinds of improvement and development works that will minimize the environmental impacts of their operational at the level corresponding to their lines of business.

We believe that all of our employees have the right to work in a healthy and safe environment and under working conditions consistent with human dignity. Our employees are our most valuable assets and our primary goal is to ensure and protect the safety of our employees.

We make no discrimination among our employees within the organization in terms of their language, race, gender, political affiliation, belief, religion, denomination, age, physical disability and similar reasons. All our managers and employees are responsible for corporate social responsibility practices throughout RM Istanbul.

We pay utmost attention to the issue of occupational safety, which is the most important factor for our employees to lead a quality and successful life, and we apply our trainings and programs on this subject based on a schedule set during the year.

In line with our social responsibility awareness, we support projects especially in the field of sports and environment, and we contribute to efforts to raise social awareness in such areas.