RM Istanbul prioritize the factors of health and safety at the core of its business !

During this period, in which efforts are made to restore production and projects to their former strength, RM Istanbul regards taking health and hygiene measures within the framework of a certain standard at work sites as the most important priority of the new period. With this understanding, it has taken all relevant measures in order to create conditions suitable for working in the work areas, to be sustainable in a way that does not pose a risk in terms of occupational health and safety, and to establish a systematic structure.

RM Istanbul has successfully completed the COVID-19 HYGIENE, INFECTION PREVENTION AND CONTROL Certification Program and received the “COVID-19 Safe Production Certificate” by the TURKISH STANDARDS INSTITUTE. The requirements for TSE COVID-19 Safe Production Certificate continue to be carefully implemented by RM Istanbul.

We would like to thank all our employees for their care.


TSE COVID-19 Safe Production