COVID-19 safety package of RM Istanbul

RM Istanbul took safety measures from the first day of the COVID-19 outbreak by being aware of taking quick action saves lives. The company, which follows the measures closely, continues its works by putting safety of all its employees into the center of the business.

As soon as coranavirus (COVID 19) cases began to appear, RM Istanbul started to provide awareness-raising information to its employees. All documents and announcements issued by the Ministry of Health and created by the administration for precautionary purposes were shared with employees continuously with close follow-ups. In this way, it was aimed to increase awareness against the virus. In summary, the measures taken by RM Istanbul are listed as follows:

Information is important

* Information sheets explaining the definition of the disease and ways of prevention were distributed to all employees in printed form.
* Purse size disinfectants was also distributed for individual off-site uses.
* Disinfectants were placed in all offices and common areas of the company.
* Disinfectants with their special equipment were distributed to the teams working in the field so that they could disinfect closed working areas, vehicles and materials.
* Disinfection works were carried out with the disinfection teams created in all offices and production sections and it continues to be realized at certain periods.


* The production personnel were asked to wash their hands every half hour and a portable sink was installed in the production departments.
* As of Wednesday 18.03.2020, white collar employees of the company were directed to work from home. The work organized in a way that there is only one person in the departments by turns.
* Actions were taken to ensure that the teams on site finish their work and return to their homes and stay in their homes.
* On 18.03.2020, employees who are over 65 years of age in the company and who have risk group disorders were given time off from work and sent home.
* As of 19.03.2020, the number of employees working in the production was reduced by 50% and the production employees were asked to stay in their homes.
* Ultraviolet lights were installed in the company dining hall and they were operated all night to remove viruses and bacteria.
* In the week of 23.03.2020, the works on external fields were minimized and only essential works were carried out.
* In order not to sit close distance in the service vehicles, the number of personnel was reduced and the necessary arrangements were made.
* The seating arrangements in the company dining hall were changed and people were prevented from sitting face to face. The water dispensers in the administrative department were closed and water was distributed in packed glasses. On 16.03.2020, the administrative staff was made to use paper cups while drinking tea and coffee.
* Coveralls and masks were distributed to all external assembly teams and the teams asked to use them for the works on site.
* During the week of 30.03.2020, the period turned to be critical, all administrative staff did their work from home without coming to the company. Again in the same week, all external field assembly teams did not work during the week.