COVID-19 training is continuing in full flow.

RM Istanbul continues its trainings in full speed to inform its employees on the online platform during this challenging period of the COVID-19 outbreak. In this context, the RM Istanbul team, which underwent 3 different trainings in April, learned important tips about how to deal with different issues during the outbreak process.

The first training was given to RM Istanbul employees through a live conference by Clinical Psychologist Bahar KoseKaraca under the title of “Corona and Our Mental Health” in the first week of April. During this period, stress management, the importance of accurate information, suggestions and techniques to keep mental health vigorous were also discussed throughout the training.

The second training under the title of “Nutrition and Immunity” was given by GizemKeservuran, a Specialist in Nutrition, Diet and Phytotherapy Area in the second week of April. In the training, Keservuran focused on nutritions, particularly on the ones boosting the immune system.

The third training was given to the employees by Senior Psychologist Canset Tutuncuoglu under the title of “Family Relationship Management” on Tuesday, April 14th.