Running to Success with RM Istanbul Sponsorship

Since it was founded, RM Istanbul has been one of the companies that have given importance to Corporate Social Responsibility activities. Sport is at the heart of the company's corporate social responsibility policy.

To this end, RM Istanbul, which has supported athlete Elif Numanoglu since the beginning of 2019, believes that young people's interest in the sport is crucial.
Elif Numanoglu, who participated in the Tasdelen Ultra Trail Winter Challenge under the 10th Istanbul Passion Marathons, sponsored by RM Istanbul, won a silver medal at this event in December 2019. Numanoglu participated in the Dreams Mitja Barcelona Marathon in February 2020 and was 492nd out of 23 thousand people.
RM Istanbul General Manager Yavuz Ipek, stated that their support for sports will continue and said, “we congratulate our athletes for their success, and as a company, that has placed sports at the center of its corporate social responsibility, we are proud of her because of this success.”