“Our top priority is work safety”

By the company's General Manager Yavuz Ipek,we were told about RM Istanbul which is an expert partner of brands in corporate identity applications, especially in the fuel distribution sector.

Speaking about the activities, future goals and values of the company, Mr.Ipek said that their top priority is the ‘work safety’

"95% of Our Customers are from fuel sector”

Could you please tell us about the activities of RM Istanbul?

There are various fields in our sector, such as automotive, banking, chain stores and fuel oil. We are mainly specialized in the implementation of corporate identity of fuel stations. 95% of our clients are from fuel sector. We provide corporate identity works and facade coating applications to the leading companies in the fuel distribution sector in Turkey.

“Our goal is to increase our activities abroad”

You have a broad customer portfolio in Turkey. Could you please tell us about your future plans and goals as RM Istanbul?

We have a broad customer portfolio in Turkey. Our goal is to increase our activities abroad and to make our name heard in international arena. We participate in important fairs abroadand getting positive feedbacks. Our goal is to be the best, biggest company in our field. We want to move ahead of the companies that are in fuel station corporate identity business in Europe. Our goal is to be the biggest in this field in 5 years. There are two or three companies in Europe that are as big as the ones in Turkey. Labor is expensive, working hours are limited. We are able to work more flexible, we have such an advantage.

"Work safety is our priority"

You operate in an industry where work safety is very important. Where do you place work safety among your priorities?

As a company, the most important issue for us is the work safety no matter the size of the work we undertake. We prove to the companies which we work that we care about work safety first; we have already received awards in this area. I mean, we do not get a job by saying ’no matter what'. That would also disrupt our work ethic. We have given this consciousness to our employees and have embraced this logic. For us, work safety comes first, then quality, and profit comes later. In short, we are a company that is ready to lose money to prioritize the work safety.

"RM Istanbul came to this point by showing a very high performance”.

What would you like to say as last words?

As RM Istanbul, we have reached this point by showing a very high performance. We have no chance of making mistakes because every single mistake affects other sectors we serve. As I said before, our primary objective right now is to expand our business abroad. And there's no budget constraint for us in that direction. Therefore, we also follow up to see if the companies we work in Turkey have any foreign investments. We currently serve internationally in many African countries, Azerbaijan, Russia, Kosovo, Jordan and Uzbekistan. We hope our job expands further in international area.