RM Istanbul's goal is to be the most preferred employer in its sector for its current and potential employees.

The core of RM Istanbul's human resources policy is to create an environment that is fair, transparent and giving a voice to its employees and where employees find opportunities to demonstrate their potential.

Our employees are the key to our success.

Career management is a critical part of the HR policy of RM Istanbul. Within the scope of that management mentality, we assess the future strategic and organizational needs of our company. We create accurate carrier plans for the organization by considering employees’ leadership potentials, existing performances, and their aspects open to improvement.

The target of the human resource implementations of the company is to enable an objective and self-improvement opportunity to the individuals besides a peaceful and secure employee experience supporting the fair and continuous development, participation, performance boost, and diversity.

At the core of its HR policy, RM Istanbul considers adding value to its employees by effectively operating the functions of recruitment and placement, orientation, career planning, motivation, and development based on their training and development-driven corporate competence.

The company strategies and the organization structure are regularly reviewed in line with the targets and needs of the company. The required projections are periodically carried out by the human resources department.