Your reliable, turnkey business partner in corporate identity applications with a local and international team network.

RM Istanbul was established in 2011 to become a turnkey solution partner for companies in corporate identity implementations in parallel with its sister companies operating in the publishing and printing in the energy industry. The company quickly acquired an important place in the industry thanks to the market share and growth it achieved every year.

Focusing on quality product, reliable service understanding and sustainability from the very first day of its establishment, RM Istanbul has achieved to become the solution partner of many brands in their corporate identity applications through its projects aimed at the fuel industry as well as the finance and retail sectors.

Commencing its productions in 2011 in a factory of 2,500 square meters, RM Istanbul now successfully realizes numerous corporate projects both in domestic and international market with a 20.000 square meter production facility and 230 expert staff following its investments in a short period of 5 years.

High Quality Products
Solution-Oriented Approach

RM Istanbul owes its position in the industry, which it acquired in a short period of time, to its strong values and quality understanding it has committed itself to from the very first day. Putting its customers at the center of its business, RM Istanbul responds to all kinds of changes thanks to its flexible structure. The company considers development as an inevitable part of progress and the company meets the needs of all stakeholders in an optimum and complete manner with its well-equipped infrastructure.

Only those who know the value of the past and adapt to current developments can manage today.

With its focus on success since its establishment, RM Istanbul acts with the awareness that corporate sustainability is critical to the continuation of its success and puts its stakeholders at the center of its business in every step it takes to achieve this goal. RM Istanbul attaches great importance to the company's role in shaping the future.


RM Istanbul was founded. The company started to offer corporate identity solutions at its 750 m2 Kurtköy Facility


The first facility investment was made. The second new production area was launched in Gebze and the factory area increased to 3,500 m2

The first corporate identity solutions export was made. The first operational step was taken both in the African and European markets.


Transition to the third production area was achieved thanks to the new factory investment. The facility area reached 20,000 m2 with the new investment.

There was an increase in the number of machinery and personnel. The company achieved a double-digit growth.


Factory improvement and renovation investments were made. The company started offering turnkey project delivery solutions and end-to-end services to its customers.