The Future of Work

“We all feel the effects of the coronavirus, which has become part of our lives since the first quarter of the year. We understand that our lives will change in many aspects after the virus. We will witness many developments in this new period called “the new normal”. New ways of doing business, forms of communication, habits of life will emerge. New consumer profiles are already beginning to form. We are moving into a period in which companies positioned in line with such consumer profiles and changing forms of business will stand out from the competition. At RM Istanbul, we are prepared for this new period thanks to our dynamic structure hidden in our DNA since the very day our company started its operations. We are fully prepared as we move forward with the motto of improving ourselves every year.

2019 was a very special year for RM Istanbul. We achieved double-digit growth in our industry, which left behind a difficult year due to conjunctural factors. We performed above industry averages. Thanks to our dynamic structure, we will continue to move forward as projected in this new and challenging period.

Certainly, as a company, one of the cornerstones of our structure, which can quickly take shape depending on all conjunctural factors, is our customers who work with us in the long term. In addition, we can follow the trends and the developments in our customers’ operations instantly thanks to our effective and efficient works especially in turnkey projects. As we can follow the developments on-the-spot, we, as a company, have the reflex to respond to any customer request in a timely and cost-oriented manner. Many end-to-end solutions we offered with the turnkey projects we realized during the last year are products of this reflex.

In the new period, we hope that our customers can benefit even more from our expertise in turnkey solutions. At RM Istanbul, we believe that we will come out of this challenging period together and by producing. Therefore, as a company, we will spend our energy to sustain life and production under all such conditions. We will continue to provide one-stop corporate identity solutions to our clients, which is our biggest goal.

We know that we need to demonstrate high quality that constantly exceed our current standards in our services including design, cost estimation and project design, production, maintenance and assembly. For this reason, we will continue investing in state-of-the-art equipment in the new period, working with expert and experienced staff, and providing solutions to our customers with our global partners.

We wholeheartedly believe that we will get through these days through collaboration, production and transformation. We know that all our achievements are only sustainable with you, our stakeholders . We would like to remind you once again that we will offer one-stop solutions for all your needs in the forthcoming period. “

Kind Regards
Mustafa Akıncı
Chairman, RM Istanbul