RM Istanbul considers the factors of health, environment and safety at the core of its business.

RM Istanbul prioritizes the health and safety of the people in its all operational activities and takes care of environmental awareness. The company believes that the firms taking place among the key actors of the future economy would become sustainable through the emphasis put on HSSE. Therefore, the company grounds on the factors of health, environment and safety at all steps of its operations.


“Our foundational beliefs reflect how we do business. We proceed on our way never compromising on the health, environment, and safety. That mentality is at the core of all the business we carry out. We consider the implementations of HSSE as the responsibility of all individuals of RM Istanbul family and prioritize that matter in our corporate identity.”

Yavuz IPEK
General Manager

RM Istanbul undertakes that its activities would comply with the applicable provisions and standards and continues to improve the management systems of health, quality, environment, work safety it followed.

The targets of RM Istanbul within the scope of HSSE policy are as follows:

It acts in the proper course to the legal and local requirements in all areas it works.
It continues his operations within the frame of the ISO 9001 Quality Management System, ISO 14001 Environment Management System, and ISO 45001:18001 Health and Safety at Work Management System.
Under no circumstances, it compromises on the rules of health, quality, environment, and safety. It works to peak the preferability at the market through the target of qualified and timely service.
It includes all its shareholders into the process for quality, environment, health, and safety at work. It pays attention to raise the awareness of them and to make improvements in the system continuously. It ensures the continuity through the inspections applied periodically.
It acts with a target of 100% customer satisfaction by understanding the customer demands correctly.
In line with the company principles, it carries out the training aspiring to develop the personal and occupational skills of the employees and business partners.
It pays attention to the efficient use of management systems by transferring the resources created to the development. It protects global sources and saves energy.
It offers environmental-friendly, user-friendly and safe products/services.
By following the brand new technologies, it uses production and work equipment which do not create pollution and HSSE risks at the production facilities.

Our company, which operates in the outdoor advertising and printing sector, is committed to providing better service by keeping customer expectations at the highest level with project, engineering, production, installation, maintenance and repair services. RM Istanbul undertakes to work accident-free and leaving a clean environment for future generations by keeping occupational health / safety above all else.

1. Working in accordance with legal and local conditions. Plan and implement our works with the objectivity brought about by our risks and advantages.
2. To adopt the principles of ISO 9001 Quality Management System, ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Standard management system and to work within these rules.
3. To review the conformity of the system with internal and external audits conducted in certain periods, to make improvements, to ensure the continuity of the system by including our employees and business partners in this cycle.
4. To understand the demands of our customers correctly and completely, to transfer this information to the departments in the process accurately and completely. To carry out a coordinated work with all our staff, to carry out a solution-oriented team work and to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level.
5. To support and realize training and organizations to improve the personal development and professional abilities of our employees and business partners in line with the goals and principles of our company.
6. To provide training and organizations to develop technical and behavioral competencies to encourage innovative and creative approaches.
7. To be the preferred supplier with quality and timely service understanding, without compromising health, safety, environment and safety rules.
8. To inform and raise awareness of our business partners about quality, environment, occupational health and safety.
9. To ensure the efficient use of the resources created by the management systems to development, to protect the global resources and to realize energy savings.
10. To plan R & D studies by investing in eliminating or minimizing environmental impacts, occupational health and safety risks.
11. To ensure the continuous review and improvement of the environmental impacts, occupational health and safety risks, which are prominent due to our field of activity, under control.
12. To realize environmentally friendly, user-friendly and safe products / services. To eliminate accidents, to reduce waste and to perform the segregation in place and to eliminate these wastes by recycling.
13. To ensure that our technical equipment and facilities reach ideal standards by using production and work equipment, personal protective equipment, new technologies that meet the criteria, which do not pose environmental pollution and OHS risk.
14. To be an exemplary institution in terms of quality by managing the activities together with Environment, Occupational Health and Safety management systems.
15. We commit ourselves to be open to innovations by reviewing our internal policies and procedures at least once a year, and to carry out practices in this direction by fully complying with all these processes.

It aims to ensure the satisfaction of its customers, to provide products and services of universal quality and standards, and to contribute to economic social development by using resources effectively. In this way, it aims to be a symbol of reliability, continuity and respect for its customers, shareholders, employees, suppliers, and briefly all its stakeholders, and complies with the law.
RM Istanbul Code of Ethics covers all company employees, Board Members, Shareholders, Subsidiaries, Suppliers, Agents, Contractors, deputies and all third parties that work together.

It is the primary duties and responsibilities of the Human Resources Unit and all the senior executives to notify the "Ethics Policy" to all employees and to ensure that employees pay due attention to these rules and to show the necessary leadership to comply with these rules. It is the responsibility of the superior of the employee to document that the latest version of the "RM Istanbul Code of Ethics" document is read, understood and the commitment to implement.
On the other hand, "RM Istanbul Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Policy" which was created in order to determine, reduce and manage the risks of bribery and corruption in accordance with legal regulations, ethical and professional principles and universal rules, is an integral part of this RM Istanbul Code of Ethics and all the employees and business partners are obliged to comply.

Ethics are simply universally accepted and universally accepted value judgments in human relations. Business ethics; is a set of principles developed to guide the behavior in the business world. It applies to all aspects of business behavior and concerns the behavior of individuals and all organizations.

4.1. RM İstanbul Employee Relations
RM İstanbul;
• Values its employees and respects employee rights
• It seeks the suitability of work as the only criterion in recruitment and provides equal opportunities without discrimination
• It aims to bring the young people and experienced professionals to RM Istanbul
• It aims to provide the benefit from employees' talents, strength and creativity
• It provides equal opportunities for the training and development of employees
• It does not allow harassment in any way in the workplace
• Evaluates the opinions and suggestions of the employees,takes measures to increase motivation
• It aims to increase the commitment of employees to the company by providing equal opportunities in promotion and rewarding
• It provides continuity of working peace
• It creates and maintains a working environment that promotes transparent and mutual respect, where cooperation and solidarity are the most important factors
• It provides employees with clean, healthy and safe working conditions
• Except for legal obligation, it does not share private information about employees with third parties without the consent and knowledge of the employee
• The child does not employ or accept workers
4.2. RM İstanbul External Relations (Stakeholder, Customer, Supplier, Compliance with Law, Competitor and Competition)
The basic principles guiding RM Istanbul's relations with all other parties are listed below:
• To represent the brand owned by RM Istanbul positively in the society and increase its reputation
• To benefit from criticism and suggestions in communication with other parties, to maintain positive relations
• To ensure that the company is managed within the framework of the principles of trust and integrity, to manage the company's resources, assets and working time with efficiency awareness by targeting sustainable growth and profitability
• To act accorcing to the international agreements of Turkish Republic, laws and also the principles of RM Istanbul in all matters falling within scope of RM Istanbul
• To manage, record and report all business activities and accounting system in accordance with the laws
• Supporting studies that will contribute to economic and social development
• To show sensitivity to the issues that concern the society
• Supporting its employees to volunteer for appropriate social activities, where they will take part in a sense of social responsibility
• Creating value for customers, meeting their demands and requirements at the highest level,
• Providing quality products and services
• Creating mutual value in business relations with suppliers
• Deciding on objective criteria in supplier selection, conducting communication in an open and correct manner
• To comply with reasonable confidentiality and occupational safety rules demanded by the supplier in supplier relations
• Within the framework of competition rules; not to abuse this dominant position when it is dominant in a particular market, alone or together with other undertakings,
• Not to negotiate and exchange information with competitors to determine market and / or competition conditions together.
• To make announcements or announcements regarding public disclosure in accordance with the law through legal representatives in accordance with the law and legislation,
• To ensure that processes are continuously effective and productivity is increased in order to reach quality and cost targets.
• Aiming to be a company with low natural resource consumption, using more recycled materials, producing less waste, and having low emission and noise values,
• To perceive all kinds of waste disposal processes as a loss of natural resources and to turn towards methods to prevent pollution at its source,
• To fulfill all environmental requirements and other environmental protection obligations in the processes,
• To aim to increase environmental protection awareness, minimize natural resource need, energy losses and waste by training employees and business partners.
4.3. Ethical Code of Conduct for Employees
The expectations of RM Istanbul employees are listed below:
Always comply with the law,
To fulfill their duties within the framework of basic moral and human values,
Not to use working time and company resources directly and indirectly for personal interest or political activity,
Acting equitable, well-intentioned and understanding in order to provide mutual benefits in all relationships, not making any unfair profits from individuals and organizations for any purpose, not taking and not giving bribery payments for the purpose of facilitation,
To take care of all material and intangible assets of the company, including information and information systems, as well as to protect them against possible loss, damage, misuse, abuse, theft and sabotage,
To act in accordance with all the principles of practice that support the Code of Ethics in the ongoing duties, and avoid behaviors that would damage RM Istanbul's reputation in business and private life,
Not behaving in a manner, declaration or correspondence that will leave the company under commitment unless explicitly authorized,
Not behaving in a way that will disturb and / or harm other employees, not disrupt work harmony,
To stand behind RM Istanbul products and to provide after-sales service to customers


The purpose of this policy is RM İstanbul Reklamcılık ve San. Tic. A.Ş aims to ensure compliance with anti-bribery and anti-corruption legal regulations, ethical rules, professional and universal principles; and to identify, reduce and manage bribery and corruption risks in the light of these principles.
Anti-bribery and anti-corruption policy covers all RM Istanbul employees, all partners acting on behalf of the company or serving on behalf of the company. In this sense, this policy applies to RM Istanbul Board of Directors, shareholders, subsidiaries and affiliates, intermediaries, acting by proxy, representatives, customers, suppliers, contractors and all other parties that do business together. This policy is committed to full compliance with our company's internal regulations and legal regulations.
 Cash payments
 Political or other donations
 Commission
 Social rights
 Gifts, entertainment
 Outsourcing companies and business partners
 Facilitating payments
 Other benefits

The implementation and updating of the Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Policy are under the authority, duty and responsibility of the General Manager and the Board of Directors.

Corruption: It is the misuse of the power acquired due to the position, directly or indirectly in order to gain any kind of profit. Bribery: Acting against a job within the scope of a person's duty, doing a job directly or with an agent, getting it done, speeding it up, slowing it, profit from, make a promise. Gaining advantage for himself or the party requesting it within the framework of an agreement with another party.

4.1. Main Risk Areas for Bribery and Corruption Actions
RM Istanbul always aims to fully comply with applicable laws, regulations and principles, and does not tolerate any acts of bribery and corruption regardless of its purpose. The main risk areas where bribery and corruption actions can take place are described in detail below:

4.1.1. Gift and Hospitality
A gift is a product that does not require a material payment and is generally given business or courtesy by persons or customers with whom it is in a business relationship. It is acceptable to give or receive corporate promotions, supplies unless you request for the gift and do not appear to affect your impartiality and decisions. As a general rule, if accepting a gift makes you or someone in the same position feel responsible, that gift is not accepted.
Hospitality may be offered to third parties for the development of commercial relations and the establishment of a normal commercial communication network. These third parties may include customers, consultants, lawyers, auditors and other companies that have a business relationship with RM Istanbul. The hospitality offered by RM Istanbul is made publicly, unconditionally and in good faith. Even if it complies with the policy, entertainment cannot be offered or accepted in situations that may cause or be perceived as a conflict of interest.

4.1.2. Facilitation Payments
Facilitation payments are not offered to individuals and organizations covered by this Policy to secure or speed up a routine process or process (obtaining permits and licenses, obtaining documents, etc.) with government agencies.

4.1.3. Donation
Every charitable contribution should be made open and transparent. Before making any donations or sponsorships, all the details are passed by the management to reduce the risk of being accepted as a bribe and corruption activity or to reduce the risk of being considered as being done.

4.1.3. Political Donations
In order to influence any decision regarding service procurement of RM Istanbul for its own benefit, it can not make institutional or individual payments, donate any gifts, provide financial aid or donate to any government official or political party candidate.

4.1.4. Outsourcing Companies and Business Partners
RM Istanbul does not want the purchasing decisions of its customers or business partners to be manipulated with personal gifts. For this reosan, such donations / gifts are limited in order not to affect the decisions of customers or other business partners.

4.2. Reporting Policy Violations
In order to protect our institution's reputation, it is the responsibility of everyone mentioned above to report any situation of violation of anti-bribery and anti-corruption rules. If there is an opinion or suspicion that an employee or someone acting on behalf of RM Istanbul is contrary to this policy, the situation should be reported to the General Manager and the Board of Directors.
RM Istanbul promotes an honest and transparent approach.It supports any employee or person acting on behalf of RM Istanbul, and keeps notifications confidential. No employee can be subjected to pressure or punishment due to a notification he believes is a violation of the Code of Conduct to management.

4.3. Policy Violations and Results
All RM Istanbul employees; they are obliged to comply with this Policy, relevant legal regulations and all applicable anti-corruption laws. In cases that are contrary to the policy or are likely to be, the issue is examined by the management and penal sanctions can be applied up to the termination of the employment contract according to the nature of the event.

4.4. Education and Communication
It is ensured that all RM Istanbul employees and business partners are informed about anti-bribery and anti-corruption issues and the principles in this policy are assimilated.

4.5. Review
This policy is reviewed at regular intervals and necessary updates are made and are announced.

The purpose of this policy is RM İstanbul Reklamcılık ve San. Tic. A.Ş. aims to provide its employees with a safe, healthy and efficient workplace environment. It covers all the use of alcohol, drugs or any other substance that will have a negative impact on the safety and efficiency of the company and prevent employees from doing their job properly.

All employees

Drugs: There are many drugs with narcotic properties, these substances are known as cocaine, cannabis, ecstasy, heroin, stone cocaine (crack cocaine), bonzai, ketamine, mescaline, amphetamines and methamphetamines. These substances are both stimulating and enjoyable and narcotic substances and have an addictive feature.

It is not allowed to use, distrubute or sale of illegal drugs, all kinds of drugs or prescription drugs obtained without a prescription in RM Istanbul workplace . Otherwise, behavior will be the reason for dismissal.

It is forbidden to keep, distribute or sell alcoholic beverages in the firm's premises without the permission of senior management.
• Our company has the awareness and belief that the use of alcohol and drugs will harm employees' health and prevent them from doing safe work.
• It is forbidden to have alcoholic beverages in the workplaces.
• It is forbidden to come to the duty with alcohol or drugs, and it is the reason for dismissal.
• It is forbidden to use company vehicles with alcohol or drugs taken.
• People who have been treated for alcohol or drug addiction must inform RM Istanbul HR department before starting to work.
• Our company has the right to unannounced control of its employees on alcohol or drug issues during their duties.
• Alcohol and drug tests may be requested from personnel involved in the accident.
• It is forbidden to keep illegal and non-prescription drugs in the workplaces without the knowledge of the workplace doctor.
• Employees are obliged to get permission from the authority for the medicines they are obliged to use with the report received from the specialist doctor.
• Subcontractors are also subject to control over alcohol and drugs.